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You have come to the right place for help with selecting a Medicare insurance program that is right for your needs.  Most people automatically qualify for Medicare Part A which provides coverage for hospitalization.  In addition you can also purchase Medicare part B insurance to provide coverage for physician services, surgery, supplies and diagnostic testing.  You do not need to purchase a supplemental Medicare policy but if you don't then you have to pay for a large portion of the cost of care that you receive.   


By purchasing additional insurance such as Medicare Supplement insurance (medigap) or a Medicare Advantage plan you can reduce your financial exposure.  In addition you should also consider purchasing Medicare Part D coverage to help you pay for your prescriptions. 


We are licensed by State Departments of Insurance and appointed with insurance companies to help you find the most appropriate policy at the lowest possible cost.  As a benefit consulting firm we are very familiar with doctors, hospitals and pharmacies and can make sure your favorite health care providers participate with the plan that you select. 


Once a policy has been issued we will continue to provide direct personal support should you encounter any claim issues or billing trouble and we will answer any question you may have related to your benefits.  There is no additional fee using our services, just the added comfort of knowing that a professional benefit consultant is watching out for you. 


Please print this Medicare Flyer and give to anyone else you know that is turning 65 and in need of help selecting a Medicare plan.


Contact us today for help selecting a plan.