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“In thirty years of dealing with the complexities of medical insurance, Patriot Benefits Group is by far the best agency we have ever had.  They have consistently provided us with an exceptional level of service we've relied on time and again. Their support has been invaluable when medical issues have arisen and immediate answers and guidance were needed. I would highly recommend their services to both individuals and businesses, both large and small!”
Timothy S., Manager
“We have been working with Patriot Benefits Group, Inc. for many years.  Their customer service is outstanding.  Questions are answered professionally and in a timely fashion.  The staff is friendly and easy to work with.  We have found Patriot Benefits Group to be a top notch company and would refer others to their services without hesitation.”
Kathryn E., MSW, Executive Director
“When dealing with the complex world of Insurance, it is wonderful having experienced problem solvers like the staff at Patriot Benefits Group on your side. Not having to spend hours on the phone dealing with medical providers and the Insurance company is worth its weight in gold!”
Gregory G., Partner
“I’m glad you are on our team, taking care of this stuff.”
Amy B., Owner
“Thank you for your outstanding customer service. Your organization not only talks the talk but it walks the walk as well. Thanks for caring and taking care of all of our employees.”
Tim O., Executive Vice President
“Patriot Benefits Group provides us with excellent service and support. They have extensive industry knowledge and expertise, and have saved us money on our health and disability insurance, but more importantly have saved us time and given us peace of mind.”
Ashley A., Owner
“Having Patriot Benefits Group as our broker, navigating Health Care Insurance for us has been a definite PLUS.  Carsten, Flemming and their staff have always answered any questions promptly and professionally to make sure we receive the best information and the best value to help make the right Health Care Insurance decisions.”
Lisa M., Owner
“You guys are fabulous!!!  First Class!”
Kerri B., Office Manager
“Handling employee benefits can be a difficult task for a business with 40 employees.  With the many other tasks that I handle on a daily basis, it is impossible to stay on top of all of the changes that are happening in that regards.  I couldn’t do it without the help of Patriot Benefits Group.  They have always been super helpful with our annual healthcare renewals.  They are very knowledgeable in answering any benefits questions that I or our employees have.  Most importantly, they are very responsive.  I really can’t say enough about how helpful they are to me in regards to this aspect of our business.”
Kendra B., VP of Administration
“We have been using Patriot Benefits Group as our health benefits broker for approximately 8 years.  They have always acted in our best interests and help us navigate the sometimes choppy waters of the health care system.  In addition, our employees get support and timely answers to questions about their health care benefits.” 
Steve S., Controller
“I appreciate Patriot Benefits Group for partnering with us to supply quality healthcare to our non-profit organization. They have found for us medical plans which have not only limited our cost increases but in some cases decreased our premiums. But it does not stop there; they give terrific advice, handle personnel needs like COBRA letters and keep us informed of the latest legislation that may impact our benefits. I highly recommend them – I am glad we have been partnering with them for the last few years.”
Keith B., Director of Finance and Administration
“Our non-profit agency has struggled to meet the rising cost of health insurance while still providing quality coverage for our employees.  Patriot Benefits Group has been an incredibly valuable resource in this process – not only in guiding us through the many selections available, but also in meeting with our staff members to explain policy changes from year to year.  Their gentle, knowledgeable, and sensible approach to insurance has provided financial benefit to our agency and reassurance to our employees.”
Doug E., Executive Director
“Patriot Benefits Group has been outstanding and helpful.  Whenever I have a question I just pick up the phone or e-mail my agent.  I get an answer immediately.  I am very pleased with the knowledgeable staff.”
Karen S., Office Manager
“With health care changes evolving, it is critical to have an agent like Patriot Benefits Group to help you along with personal guidance for owners and employees.”
Frank S., Owner
“We have been so happy utilizing Patriot Benefits for our Healthcare needs.  We are a small company and we are treated as if we are one of their most important accounts.  Anytime, one of our employees has an issue with insurance (i.e. a claim is rejected, a problem with a referral etc.) I know I never need to worry.  I will call Patriot Benefits and they will cut through all the red tape and find a solution.  They also provide us with a cost comparison each year at renewal time so that we can customize the plan we chose so it matches what’s best for the business and our employees. I would definitely refer them to anyone.”
Darlene V., Accounting Director
“Patriot Benefits Group, Inc. provides exceptional customer service and knowledge. I am happy to recommend them to my own clients.”
Rita M., Owner
“Carsten, Flemming and the staff at Patriot Benefits Group provide exceptional customer service. A friendly and knowledgeable group always ready to help no matter what the question. At this time with such a complicated Health care industry their knowledge and expertise is always appreciated.”
Geri Q., Controller
“I have to tell you how glad I am to have found you and your service. Having been in the H.S.A for two years now and seeing how well it works along with the savings, I only wish we could have done it sooner.”
Edward S., Owner
“Patriot Benefits has helped us maximize our dollar-for-dollar insurance benefit for our small business. They have helped us with our insurance needs for several years and we look forward to maintaining that relationship in the future.” 
Kate G., Owner
“I have used Patriot Benefits Group both personally and professionally and the level of service provided is superb. Their service is thorough and their turnaround times are quick: they help us keep our employees happy.”
Jennifer M., Director of Operations